About UBM

About us

UBM was founded in 2012 by Sponsor & Founder Dr. Leon Finney Jr. Urban Broadcast Media (UBM) has been highlighted in The Giro, The ReelChicago & Southside Weekly.

Urban Broadcast Media (UBM) is a non-profit multimedia center & 24/7 internet radio station. UBM can meet your radio needs for broadcast TV & all other mediums with our on-site studios & talented industry professionals. UBM houses two dynamic radio stations: UBM Talk & Music and UBM Faith.

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    UBM uses digital platforms

    to deliver innovative, creative & engaging content to the fast growing audiences for internet streaming media.

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    UBM will help you reach your goals

    UBM will help you reach your goals & deliver content that will help you improve your brand so that you can reach audiences with the same values.

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    UBM will tell your story

    UBM provides you with the opportunity to create content that tells yours story from your unique perspective, expanding it with our creative vision with imagery that is powerful and compelling.

Looking for the best in digital media services?

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Video production

Plans and facilitates studio and field-based video production work. Click here to view our rates.

radio spots

We offer a powerful way of reaching consumers in your local area or even on a national level. Click here to view our rates.

graphic design

We offer current trends and concepts keeping your design, branding and overall marketing up to speed with what your clients & customers expect. Click here to view our rates.

social media

Build and execute strategy through competitive research, publish and share daily content that builds meaningful connections. Click here to view rates.

audio recording

We offer recording services with Chicago's best engineers. Equipped with a live room, engineer booth and an isolation booth, where you can confidently build pre and post production recordings. Click here to view our rates.